FAQ -Frequently Asked Questions:


Q - When an off-the-shelf helmet has an impact greater than its manufacturer’s ‘G’ rating, how fast does the airbag inflate to increase protection to the new higher G load?

A – The inflation time is a fraction of a second.  


Q - How many helmet impact G’s can the airbag helmet protect against?

A – We set the protection at 100 G’s; customer may order a different setting.


Q – After the airbag inflates, how long does it stay inflated?

A – the airbag “protection high inflation mode” lasts a few seconds then the airbag drops inflation to normal helmet manufacturer’s G rating.


Q – After the airbag “protection high inflation mode” is triggered, is the helmet hard to get off (and on)?

A – after a few seconds the protection inflation mode inflation returns to normal helmet manufacturer’s G rating and helmet may be removed as usual.


Q – after “protection high inflation mode” is triggered can the helmet still be worn?

A – Yes, but the “protection high inflation mode” must be reset on the side line.  Helmet can be worn normally but will not have the “protection high inflation mode”


Q – Does the airbag inflation mechanism add weight to the helmet?

A – yes it adds a few ounces.  But concussion protection is greatly increased.


Q – Can my equipment people install the airbag inflation mechanism themselves?

A – Depends upon the helmet, but usually anyone can install the mechanism with training


Q – How long does the inflation mechanism last?

A – There is a 5 year parts limited warranty.   

Q – How long does it take to reset the mechanism on the side-lines?

A – about 2 minutes.  Maybe faster with practice.  


Q – Is there a model you sell that can reset itself?

A – under development.


Q – is the airbag helmet safe?  

A – Yes, pressure is limited to 100 G’s which will not harm the wearer..


Q – once the airbag triggers, if not reset, can helmet be worn normally and perform normally (to its manufacturer’s G loading protection)

A – Yes, once the airbag deflates, the helmet protects to the manufacturer’s rating.


Q – Can I put your airbag in my helmet and inflate it to a higher G loading permanently.?

A –  Yes, we sell a separate airbag that can be inflated normally like any air cells / pouch helmet to increase the manufacturers G rating as long as you have the airbag inflated.


Q –  Who did the testing for your airbag helmet?

A –  Snell certifies helmets to prove the level of head protection with our airbag current technology and materials.  Manufactures have their own helmet testing equipment.  


Q –  How can I test to see that the airbag mechanism is working?

A –  Strike helmet against a hard object to determine if the mechanism is operative.  You will have to reset the mechanism after a test strike.


Q –  can I test to assure that the airbag trigger is working without the air cylinder?

A –  yes, striking the helmet against a hard surface will cause the airbag spring to trigger even without the air cylinder.


Q –  What kind of helmets can your airbag mechanism be installed in?

A –  virtually any helmet can have the airbag mechanism installed in it.  Including ballistic helmets.  


Q –  can your airbag mechanism be removed after installation in a helmet?

A –  Yes, it can be removed and installed in another helmet.